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Our Mission

Any of the large plumbing companies could provide you with an acceptable offering for plumbing services based on their size, expertise, and brand awareness however P4U does not believe that would – or should – be enough to satisfy your requirements. Plumbing 4U is the best placed to achieve a hassle-free competitive, and efficient service through:

Site knowledge
Competitive rates
The cost efficiencies of P4U by being a sole provider of all drainage, plumbing, maintenance, and solar requirements.
Excellent working relationship with contractors


P4U’s approach of flexibility, speed to market, cost-effectiveness, and quality of service are exactly what a build a residential or commercial development needs to deliver an outstanding result. The P4U team is highly experienced and offers in-depth knowledge in the plumbing sector. As registered Master Plumbers, P4U’s key personnel are always looking to enhance their knowledge base. Please do not hesitate to contact P4U if you have any queries or require additional information:


Marc McRae 


PLUMBING 4U (PTY) LTD 076 505 9957